Monday, July 26, 2010

UFO syndrome

Is it a throw down? Judy at Sew Sisters has made my UFO stack public. Here's what's started and I am now bound to finish! AND, in the spirit of sportsmanship, I am admitting to one more that escaped Judy's watchful eye! Judy, what's in your stack??


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Neeeever expose your UFO's to the owner of a quilt shop, especially if it's JUDY! Good thing she doesn't know where I live!!!!

On a brighter note, some of those body parts look mighty you think you might work on them shortly?

Your fine feathered friend

magpie said...

Well, my fine feathered friend, I must say, that the two mermaids were part of the stack, so two down and three to go. As for Miss Judy, it's a throw down! Too bad Bobby Flay isn't around!!