Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beading frenzy

This is a rare glimpse of madam de Plumadour, a wealthy widow conducting interviews of potential suitors. She exchanges niceties with Mr. Jim Dandy before getting on with the task of grilling him. He appears somewhat cocky and is certain not to chicken out as did Mr. Al Fredo who is seen departing, looking dejected and dishevelled. Mr. Al Fredo cannot believe his ill fortune as he leaves the unsuccessful interview only to discover that the gifts she had bestowed upon him were but a simple rouse and were nothing but rocks masquerading as gems. Methinks he knows not his own fortune!!

This piece was beaded onto natural linen and backed with fusible interfacing. The background was coloured at the midpoint of the process using a combination of dyes and paints. It measures about 40 x 55 cm


Judy said...

Wow you have been busy...can we get a close up of the mysterious creature in the back corner! I can't wait to see it in person - just exquisite!

Alec Smart said...

Methinks Mr.Al Fredo is dazed and confused as it is considered sacrilege in Poo chicken society to cut another's grass.

So seriously. Do you concoct a storyline for your artwork so it becomes more than just a few birds
trying to score ? Nice touch though.