Thursday, July 16, 2009


So here's Silas, just arrived from abroad! He's attired in hand dyed cottons, silk velvet and a few jacquards for good measure. He's wearing wonderful paisley boots, that he just had to have! He adores beads, so they abound..................

Friday, July 03, 2009

over-dyeing silk noil

I am over the moon with this piece and here are 3 views of it. I have a couple of metres of nasty dusty rose silk noil. I knew I'd never use it, so what the heck! The dyes are out and mixed, so I may as well use them. I can't go wrong; the fabric is useless as it is! I love how the nubs of the noil pick up the colour. Now that I see how well it worked, maybe I'll dye up the rest of the yardage!

hand dyed linen

Here's number 3!

This is the second piece and just as yummy!

This piece is using diluted dyes

This is the first piece of my little experiment.It's a shame that I am such a lousy photographer because the colours are just spectacular!

So, does anyone see a figure in this piece? So far there has been a sighting of a cat. Someone else has seen a fish! Anyone else seeing something?