Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pin Doll Swap

Our local doll club had a pin doll exchange with the Cloth-a-Dollics club in Victoria. I scored this little treasure from Donna who is a member and who, coincidentally, was in my workshop at Gibson's Landing Fibre Art Festival the summer of 2008. I am very pleased with this little dancer!

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Judith said...

Woww! Just HAD to tell you how much I admire your work. Don't know how I haven't heard of you. You're a clever woman. Aren't pin dolls just lovely to make, swap...
Have you heard of the Comfort Doll Project? I used to make lots of "pins" for Pen Pals, but they are getting older, and can't do them anymore for our swaps, so I make and give to the Pat Winter Project. Pat was so lovely about them. I was staggered by her praise!!It was a huge motivator, and I've got lots in the pipeline he he...Looking forward to seeing more. Have your Blog on my list..