Friday, September 05, 2008

Quilting Diversion

So here's a little diversion. Some may call it avoidance. Others may call it procrastination. I simply call it a diversion from doll creating! I love the way those circles dance about! They could make a girl a bit dizzy, if she weren't already!


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I love this pattern. I hand pieced, hand quilted a baby quilt in yellow & white. I like that, but I really like the black & white (or it that grey and white?) - Anne Marie

magpie said...

Thank you little FFF! Lighting for this photo and not mine I might add, is not optimum. The colours are actually taupe and cream. I just finished a small version in white with indigo.

Judy said...

Oh my ... you sneaky girl... when did you go back to blogging?