Friday, September 05, 2008

new beginnings

Join me on my journey of creating a new character. I had Gallagher in my living room for a brief time and miss having him hang around. He used to cause havoc with some of DD's friends, always entertaining for me!! I think I may call her Olivia! Of course that's subject to change, depending upon her attitude. I expect she'll be about Gallagher's size, say about 45"


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Wow! She's quite different from your other heads. I see a fairly snooty attitude, coming on. Will she be a girl in jesters clothing?

Sorry, I backed out of the show today, but asked Deb to let me know what she thought (if she still planned on going). There's always next year. - your FFF

magpie said...

Snooty indeed, my little FFF!